Jens Larsen is a storyteller researcher and executive coach and consultant working with companies and organisations on leadership, the UN goals and sustainability.
Contact: or +45 2892 2097

Lena Bruun is an experienced Leader, Coach and Change Agent. She works with sustainable organisational and personal development.
Contact: +45 5359 1966

David Boje is Regents Professor at New Mexico State, & honorary doctorate, Aalborg University and a co-founder of True Storytelling.

Grace Ann Rosile is founder of Horse Sense At Work, and emeritus full professor at New Mexico State University. Rosile is a pioneer in ‘ensemble leadership’ theory and practice. Contact:

Jim Sibel is an author, speaker, and lecturer, having traveled throughout the United States and Europe presenting at professional conferences and seminars on Corporate Social Responsibility, Team Building, Leadership, and the power of Storytelling. Contact:

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