True Storytelling Ethics Foundation

“True storytelling is a great method if you are a leader and working with changes. It has helped me developed my own story as a leader and a private person. A story which support me to make ethical decisions when I am facing challenges and obstacles in work and life.”

Mikael Bak, CEO Danish Shareholders organization

The True Storytelling Ethics Foundation Module
We live in times of changes; Pandemic, financial ups and downs, fake news, climate changes. Many people are struggling and stressed. We need people who are ethical strong and dare stand in the arena and fight for ethical and sustainable changes. This is what True Storytelling is about. A method to create ethical and sustainable changes through 7 principles.

The beginning of your journey through the module will help you become aware of your situation now and the challenges you are struggling with. And why it is important for you to live a more ethical life where you care for yourself, nature and your community.

7 seven principles for an ethical life
Under your journey through the four sessions you will create your new story and a moral compass you can use in private and working life. You will experience the 7 principles in True Storytelling, conversationel storytelling and indigenous storytelling and how to use storyboard in your personal journey.

Succesfull completion of the foundation module brings you to a new place:

  • You have a true and powerful story which can sustain your energy for the future.
  • You have been introduced to the basic true storytelling tools and ethics.
  • You have a plan for how to create commitment for living a more ethical life which support yourself, your family, community and nature.

Completion of Foundation Ethics of True Storytelling Module ©TSI  is required for all certificate programs.

Attend and participate in four 90 minute Zoom or in-person sessions of Foundation Ethics of True Storytelling.


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