True Storytelling Research Certificate


At this level, people interested in the advanced theory, methods, and practices of True Storytelling develop new frontiers for the benefit of self and others.

Why obtain the highest level three of the True Storytelling Certificates?
Learn advanced theory, methods and practices, enabling you to become a researcher yourself. This is for you interested in doing in depth development and research in the field of True Storytelling together with the founders.

The True Storytellling Research Certificate
Prerequisites: Must have completed level one and two certificate program. Must submit resume, do interview, and write letter of intention to be admitted to level three certificate programs.

True Storytelling Research Certificate

  1. Complete one LEVEL ONE certificate program©TSI
  2. Complete one LEVEL TWO certificate program©TSI
  3. Complete the Attunement to Quantum Energy Fields Module©TSI
  4. Complete the Antenarrative Module ©TSI
  5. Complete Self-Correcting Research & Intervention Methods Module©TSI
  6. Doing a special consulting or research project supervised by Founder of ©TSI
  7. Presenting the project at the yearly Storytelling Conference attended by Founder of ©TSI

Full program and modules are in progress and will be announced soon.

It certifies you are committed to doing research on True Storytelling.
Certifies you know, understand, and can develop the True Storytelling Principles.
Certifies you completed Foundation Ethics Module, and earned an Advanced Module Certificate.
Certifies you completed a Truth Seeker Certificate with distinction.
– Entitles you to host practices module exercises with Alumni of TSI modules.

Does allow you to become a ©TSI trainer, consultant, or coach with your own clients.

Advanced modules  are delivered in four 90 minute Zoom sessions or where safe and healthy for all concerned, in face-to-face meetings.

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