True Storytelling Trainer Certificate


The True Storytelling Certificate Programs is your ethical path to become a certified storyteller, trainer or consultant.

Why become a Certified True Storytelling Trainer?
As a certified Trainer, you will be able to gain insight in your own business procedures and strengthen your relationships with your current clients through the power of storytelling and by following our principles for a more ethical path to sustainability – also in your daily business life.

Furthermore, you can become a ©TSI trainer of trainers or a consultant in True Storytelling by combining your modules and working closely with the founders and the team. You will be certified to use tools, logo etc. for the purpose of expanding your business.

The True Storytelling Trainer Certificate Program
At this level, modules of higher difficulty are done by candidates, whose project is to apprentice with one of the TSI founding members, or with certified TSI trainers.  Upon completion the trainer or consultant TSI tools and constructs can be licensed to be used with your own clients such as school systems, military, government departments, corporations, small businesses, or non-profits, and other entities. There is a requirement to stay current with ©TSI practices, new modules, and new tools.

True Storyteller Certificate

Complete the LEVEL ONE certificate program ©TSI

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Trainer of Trainers Module ©TSI

  1. Learn how to teach, facilitate and do coaching
  2. Assisting in at least one©TSI Modules
  3. Doing a special project supervised by Founder of ©TSI
  4. Presenting the project at the yearly storytelling conference attended by Founder of ©TSI


Certifies you to come a ©TSI trainer with your own clients
Certifies you know and understand the True Storytelling Principles
Certifies you completed Foundation Ethics Module, and earned an Advanced Module Certificate.
Entitles you to host practices module exercises with Alumni of TSI modules

Advanced modules  are delivered in four 90 minute Zoom sessions or where safe and healthy for all concerned, in face-to-face meetings.

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