Hear it from our clients and constituents.

Praise for our book “True Storytelling: Seven Principles For An Ethical and Sustainable Change-Management Strategy”, Routledge, September 2020:

A book with the potential to bring forward an evolution in the way organizational change is viewed to create a new mindset of balance – personal, economic, and ecological. Change is all around us; understanding and utilizing the seven principles detailed in this work through the powerful tool of True Storytelling can have a profoundly positive effect when dealing with change”.

Dr. Jim Sibel, CFO and business owner, USA

“After being introduced to the True Storytelling principles at the certificate program I have embraced it in my entire life both personally and professionally. I set daily goals, I wake up every morning with a firm decision to make each day count. I interact now with people listening to all what they say and the silence in between us that brings so much nurture to every relation and person I encounter.”

Anne-Marie Hall, founder, Amazing Hall, Copenhagen, Denmark

“True storytelling is a great method if you are a leader and working with changes. It has helped me developed my own story as a leader and a private person. A story which support me to make ethical decisions when I am facing challenges and obstacles in work and life.”

Mikael Bak, CEO Danish Shareholders organization

Statements from participants in the course “Intercultural Conversation to impact Racism”, September 2020:

“The True Storytelling sessions gave me an opportunity to think beyond the clichés associated with racism and explore my own assumptions. I particularly appreciated the format, as the course leaders introduced concepts and helped the participants build and share stories in break-out groups. One of the most inspired uses of Zoom I have encountered, on a topic which has become explosive.”

Betty Beeler, Retired professor and Researcher at the Groupe d’Etudes en Management et Language (GEM&L) in France

“The True Storytelling workshops has shown me so many wonderful ways to share my wisdom and learn from others. The structure provides a delicate scaffolding within which one can weave a unique tapestry of connection and expanded awareness.”

Olivia Parr-Rud, MS – business owner US

“The course left me feeling inspired, energized and ready to make an impact in the fight against racism. Truly transformational – sign up now!”

Ben Wesson, leader in healthcare regulation, UK

”Without question the True Storytelling experience was second to none among my personal experiences. I strongly recommend for others particularly in government (policy makers, supervisors and managers) to participate in the True Storytelling experience. In a very short period of time the return on investment is life-changing. I walked away with a much more creative since of understanding and how to recognize there is a silver lining / value within all social / humane experiences. It took great understanding and courage to develop and implement the True Storytelling process. I highly commend those who thought of the True Storytelling concept. The True Storytelling experience will incrementally improve social tolerance and awareness within our communities. Thank you to all the True Storytelling facilitators and participants.”

Rico L. Smith (LOUIS): Retired government official, 37 years of service. Assistant City Manager, my previous position with the same city was the position of Fire Chief. US

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